The One & Only 2-in-1

Hydrogen Fountain In The Market

Powerful & Chemical-Free Disinfection by Ozone Water

Freshest & Purest Bacteria-Free Water With Minimal Maintenance

pH Neutral – Safe To Take With Medications

High Concentration & Purity of Dissolved Hydrogen Gas

Electrodes Do Not Touch Drinking Water – No Danger of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Tested For High Performance, Safety & Reliability

Much More Affordable Than Packaged Hydrogen Water

Internationally Preferred & Trusted

What is

Biolux Hydrogen Water?

Immense Health-Enhancing Benefits Backed by Scientific Studies*

Biolux Hydrogen Water contains high concentration of dissolved molecular hydrogen gas H2 of up to 1.3ppm. It is pH neutral and has -550mV ultra-high antioxidant property. Do you know 200ml of Biolux Hydrogen Water has the same antioxidant power as 100 lemons?

*Scientific Research Studies found on Molecular Hydrogen Institute at:

What is

Biolux Ozone Water?

Did you know Ozone Water is More Superior than Alcohol & Chlorine Based Sanitizers?

Biolux Ozone Water contains high concentration of dissolved ozone gas O3 of up to 4ppm. It is a powerful disinfectant, 100% chemical-free and degrades pesticides on fruits and vegetables.

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