Biolux Portable Hydrogen Water Pot

Enjoy High-Concentration Hydrogen Water and Ultra-Pure Hydrogen Gas Anytime, Anywhere!

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Enjoy Hydrogen Water anytime, anywhere with Biolux Portable Hydrogen Water Pot.

Make a cup of hot beverage with hot Hydrogen Water (80°C) or inhale Hydrogen Gas as a safe and effective way of neutralizing oxidative stress and excessive free radicals in body.

To enjoy high-quality Hydrogen Water and Hydrogen Gas, the Hydrogen Water Pot requires the use of filtered distilled or RO Water.

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Characteristics Hydrogen Water & Gas
Capacity 1.8 L
Power Supply AC 110/220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200W
Purity ≥ 99.999%
Hydrogen WaterCapacity 1,000 - 1,200 ppb*
ORP value -550 mv*
pH Doesn't change water pH
Water Temperature Room temperature, 50℃ - 80℃ (120 ℉ - 176 ℉ )
Hydrogen GasYield > 12 ml/min
Dimension(W x D x H) 185 x 290 x 330 (mm)
Net Weight 3 kg
Safety No by-products (Hypochlorous Acid & Ozone)

*Concentration of hydrogen in water and ORP may vary according to water quality and temperature.

How To Use Hydrogen Water?

  • Drink 1 to 3 litres a day
  • Rinse face and skin
  • Wash sunburn areas for fast recovery
  • Soak fruits and vegetables after soaking in Biolux Ozone Water

Why Is Biolux Hydrogen Water More Superior than Alkaline Water?

Biolux Hydrogen Rich Water has a more powerful antioxidant strength, is pH neutral and can safely be taken with medication. But this is not true for alkaline water as it may have an adverse reaction with medication due to its alkalinity (pH>7). While alkaline water has been touted as beneficial for managing intestinal function and lowering gastric acid, there is in fact little hydrogen content in alkaline water, reducing its benefits. It also produces excess metallic ions, putting unnecessary stress on the kidneys.

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